E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Limited is a rapidly growing organization, in terms of both people and customers. To keep up with this rapid pace of growth, E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is seeking talented and focused individuals who can contribute significantly and be a part of this growth process.

In the dynamic world of IT, where the rate of obsolescence is overwhelming, we have taken a challenge to create an environment that nourishes and develops our team. At E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , we do not have managers, we have leaders.

E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers you an accelerated & exciting career path for both IT & Business Professionals; that you can yourself design as you go along.

We also offer host of other tangible and intangible benefits that will transform you into world class InfoTech Professional.

Our leaders follow a four-lettered Mantra: EVER

E: Encourage Innovation.

V: Value Teamwork.

E: Empower teammates.

R: Reward Performance.

Working relationships are those of camaraderie, where an open discussion of ideas, thoughts and opinions is encouraged. With the state-of-art infrastructure at their disposal and the mentorship of leaders, our young team members reflect job ownership, value addition and result orientation in their actions.

A career with E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is full of challenges, competition and tremendous responsibility. To be at the cutting edge, one would need a right mindset to succeed in this highly competitive world. Winning attitude, passion for excellence, and an appetite for challenges is what E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is constantly on the lookout for.

If this environment is what you have been waiting for, explore the world of opportunities at E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

For more information about HR related queries, please email us at: hr@eqlsoft.com

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